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Cottesmore - LOG 28-04-2009

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piet luijken

Location : netherlands
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Cottesmore - LOG 28-04-2009 Vide
PostSubject: Cottesmore - LOG 28-04-2009 Cottesmore - LOG 28-04-2009 Empty2009-05-17, 14:08

LOG 28 April 2009:

ZD346/13 Harrier GR9A nb JFH
ZD347/14 Harrier GR9 nb JFH
ZD375/23 Harrier GR9 nb JFH
ZD376/24A Harrier GR7A nb JFH
ZD380/23A Harrier GR9A nb JFH
ZD404/33A Harrier GR7A nb JFH
ZD467/57A Harrier GR9A nb JFH
ZG471/61A Harrier GR7A nb JFH
ZG472/62A Harrier GR9A nb JFH
ZG478/68 Harrier GR9A nb JFH
ZG508/79 Harrier GR9 nb JFH

G-BYXN Tutor T1 nn JFH
ZF339/339 Tucano T1 72(R)sq CFS

XE606 Hunter F6A preserved
XW917 Harrier GR3 preserved
ZH655 Harrier T10 dump fuselage

Piet Luijken
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Cottesmore - LOG 28-04-2009

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