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LOG 13.5.09

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Location : Manchester

LOG 13.5.09 Vide
PostSubject: LOG 13.5.09 LOG 13.5.09 Empty2009-05-14, 10:25

A visit yesterday between 1220-1540 provided the following: -


ZJ810/BI Typhoon T.1 29 (R) Sqn Titan32

ZJ811/DZ Typhoon T.1A 11 Sqn Rockstar..

ZJ813/BL Typhoon T.1A 29 (R) Sqn Triplex2

ZJ814/QO-Z Typhoon T.1A 3 Sqn Triplex1

ZJ937/QO-W Typhoon F.2 3 Sqn Rockstar..


XX289/CO Hawk T.1A 100 Sqn Boris2

XX329/CJ Hawk T.1A 100 Sqn Boris1

ILS traffic

G-RAFO Beech B200 45 (R) Sqn CWL..

G-RAFP Beech B200 45 (R) Sqn CWL77

ZK453/M Beech B200 45 (R) Sqn CWL76

plus one or two others that I missed.

None movers (main flightline)

ZJ803/BA Typhoon T.1 29 (R) Sqn

ZJ815/AY Typhoon T.3 17 (R) Sqn

ZJ933/DF Typhoon FGR.4 11 Sqn

ZJ942/DH Typhoon FGR.4 11 Sqn

11 Sqn HAS area

(ZJ926)/QO-Y Typhoon FGR.4 3 Sqn

ZJ924/DD Typhoon FGR.4 11 Sqn

ZJ935/DJ Typhoon FGR.4 11 Sqn

ZJ939/DXI Typhoon FGR.4 11 Sqn

ZJ928/QO-N Typhoon F.2 3 Sqn

ZJ932/DB Typhoon F.2 11 Sqn


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LOG 13.5.09

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