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sightings 27-04-09

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sightings 27-04-09 Vide
PostSubject: sightings 27-04-09 sightings 27-04-09 Empty2009-04-27, 11:19

Hi all,

made my 1st visit to Coningsby today since Typhoons came on the scene.

noted the following through the wind and driving rain!

ZJ800 BC 29(R)SQN
ZJ806 BE 29(R)SQN
ZJ811 DZ 11 SQN
ZJ813 BL 29(R)SQN
ZJ814 QO-Z 3 SQN
ZJ815 AY 17(R)SQN
ZJ917 QO-G 3 SQN
ZJ918 QO-L 3 SQN
ZJ921 QO-H 3 SQN
ZJ933 DF 11 SQN
ZJ935 DJ 11 SQN
ZJ936 QO-S 3 SQN
ZJ939 DXI 11 SQN
ZJ942 DH 11 SQN
ZJ945 QO-F 3 SQN
ZA611 41(R)SQN

most of which flew

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Location : North Yorkshire

sightings 27-04-09 Vide
PostSubject: Re: sightings 27-04-09 sightings 27-04-09 Empty2009-04-27, 15:46

and here's my basic log from today:

ASP (am): ZJ800 BC, ZJ805 BD, ZJ806 BE, ZJ811 DZ, ZJ814 QO-Z, ZJ937 QO-W (I left this area just after 9am)

8:05: DZ completed a practice display in crisp sunshine and blue sky. Excellent it was too.

Towed across to HAS: ZJ918 QO-L, ZJ924 DD, ZJ917 QO-G

am flights:

Highland Airways G-EIGG landed. Went to HAS area.


ZJ937 QO-W

ZJ936 QO-S (QRA?)

ZJ945 QO-F (unmarked)

ZJ921 QO-H, ZJ933 DF

There were also a couple of King Air and Tutor o/shoots

pm flights

ZJ814 QO-Z

41 sqn GR4 ZA611

ZJ800 BC (practice display repeat, although in grotty weather - windy and drizzling)

ZJ942 DH, ZJ935 DJ, ZJ939 DXI

QO-H, ZJ933 DF, ZJ918 QO-L

ZJ813 BL (didn't see this return, so may have gone back to Leuchars)

QO-L, QO-H, QO-F (3 ship t/off)


Highland Airways G-EIGG t/off



Still flying at 6.45 when I left, by which time the weather was at it's best of the day....

Good day.
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sightings 27-04-09

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