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Visiting Northolt

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Visiting Northolt Vide
PostSubject: Visiting Northolt Visiting Northolt Empty2009-03-26, 16:21

Hi All,

Im planning on visiting Norftholt next Thursday.

Can somebody advise what the spotting is like and will it be worth the extra miles. Having never ventured here before can anybody tell me if there is anywhere to sit and spot. Some of the picts that seem to come out the place seam not to bad but is this the norm.

Cheers in advance

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Location : northolt middlesex
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Visiting Northolt Vide
PostSubject: Re: Visiting Northolt Visiting Northolt Empty2009-03-27, 05:18

Hi,Northolt can be a bit "hit and miss" with regard movements,somedays good and others dire....If a/c are using runway 25 a good place to park "yourself" is in West End road,(A4180 from A40 Polish War Memorial junction),adjacent to the TOTAL petrol station,wherby you can see the end of runway and get good shots of any landing a/c. Parking is difficult here,but there are several roads you can use...if coming from A40,take A4180 towards Ruislip and at 1st set of traffic lights turn right into "Station Approach"....about 100mtrs along this road,(just past shops)there is a small road on left called "Acol Crescent" and it's usually possible to park here with literally a minutes walk back to the garage. Alternatively carry along A4180 past the runway end and after about 600mtr there is usually parking space in this road or in Bridgewater Road!.......Whatever you do,don't park in the roads in between the runway end and Bridgewater Road as it's all "military estate" The 07 end of the runway isn't bad for both landing or taking off,(ex 25) a/c but involves a bit more legwork. As i don't know what direction you are coming from i'll give you directions as is shown on A-Z....From either direction on A40 take turn off for "Hillingdon, Western Avenue A437 and head towards junction with "Long Lane"....On the Eastern side of this junction is a road called "Freezeland Way" and you can park here,or alternatively across the road there is a small car park tucked behind a medical centre.....Unfortunately both are pay and display parking areas. Once parked up walk back along A437 Western avenue in an Easterly direction heading back towards the A40. Before the two roads merge there is a gap on the right into the fields where you will find yourself directly under the runway lights for 07....A short walk out into this field is good for photographing both 07 arrivals and 25 departures. Apart from these two spots Northolt has very much been "sealed off" by new buildings etc and much of the ramp isn't that visible.
Hope this is of use.
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Visiting Northolt

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