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Musings Vide
PostSubject: Musings Musings Empty2009-06-15, 15:58

Couple of questions occured to me during a brief period of idle time Smile :

ZJ944 QO-B, ZJ945 QO-F, ZJ949 QO-J, ZJ950 QO-K and ZJ948 QO-O are all without squadron markings (or at least they were last time I checked). Are they all without squadron colours because they're earmarked for the Falklands, or for 6 sqn perhaps?
Or just because they haven't got round to painting them yet, as they're the 'newest' on base? Razz

Also, ZJ913 AC was flying with 11 sqn and is, according to records in TMU. Is it likely to emerge from TMU via the paintshop in a new squadron colourscheme/code?

Cheers to all Cheers
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