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northolt ops

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Location : northolt
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PostSubject: northolt ops 2009-08-21, 08:51

i live in northolt and for the last year or so have been monotoring northolt ops as 132.65 and 311.575 but have heard nothing

has anyody got any ideas on northolt ops or air>air ?
if they have changed could someone tell me the new freqs please


ps. my mate told me it could be 121.175 but i havent heard anything in a weeks monotoring
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headset 57

Location : LHR
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PostSubject: Re: northolt ops 2009-08-21, 13:43

It's still in use:
132.65 ( Ops and Delta Control for the Royal Flight )
311.57 Ops
130.65 NHT Handling
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northolt ops

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