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Wittering families day

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Location : wigston,leicestershire

PostSubject: Wittering families day 2009-07-03, 16:59

went to the families day today,weather was a bit hit and miss.here's a short list of what was there:
vc 10 xr807 q
lynx xz 726 302
hawk xx307
chinhook za670 aa
sea king zh560
lynx xz615 z
apache zj222
merlin zj130 0
alpha jet zj645
harriers zd468,zg500,zg507,zg502,zg858,zd431,zh663,zg664.

4 harriers left about 11.30 and didn't return,presume gone to lossie,display harrier was zd431 from cotts.typhoon also did a display.
hope this ok,des
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Location : Elgin
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PostSubject: Re: Wittering families day 2009-07-04, 01:16

4 Harriers went into Kinloss.
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Wittering families day

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